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Eye Treatments

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At The Skincare & Hair Spa, find the perfect look for your eyes. Our dedicated team have the optimal solution for your brows and lashes, both temporary and semi-permanent.

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Shape


False Eyelash Application

(Eyelashes included)

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False Eyelash Application

(Your eyelashes)

EyeDentity Lashes



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Eye Trio

Eyebrow tint, lash tint, and brow shape


EyeDentity Lashes

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Empower your Lashes
Make your eyelashes vibrant with our new EyeDentity Lash Extensions. While traditional false eyelashes, produced in clumps or rolls, are applied directly onto the eyelid with adhesive that dries hard on the lashes and lid, each EyeDentity Lash extension is applied individually in order to achieve superior results.

The procedure itself takes a bit longer than express lashes – to do it right is worth a little extra bother. Our expert technicians will apply fabulous, quality lashes that look extremely natural and last for weeks.

Lash Management
Your EyeDentity Lashes may be topped up every two to three weeks to help retain fullness. Just like your nails or hair, individual lashes grow out in a continuous cycle of replenishment. So while some individual extensions may last as long as two months, others will drop out as part of this natural life cycle. Ask your eyelashes technician about our cost-effective top-up treatments during your consultation.

1.5 hours
...€ 65

Prices and information correct as on July 1, 2018.
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